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Packaging Waste Sorting

Ana SayfaPlantPackaging Waste Sorting
Ana SayfaPlantPackaging Waste Sorting

Packaging Waste Sorting Plant

Packaging Waste Sorting Plant is designed to separate wastes such as plastic, aluminum and cardboard from each other. The materials are separated manually according to the type of material by passing through the separation belt. The materials separated by hand are thrown down the waste chimneys and fall into the baskets just below. Glass bottles pass through the CAMPAR Glass Bottle Crusher and become ready to be sent for recycling by shrinking their volume at a high rate. The PET bottles passing through the sorting band pass through the PET piercer before entering the baling press to ensure more compression.

We have Packaging Waste Sorting Plant productions in various capacities according to customer demand. Quick intervention is performed in machine service and maintenance. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for continuously running machines. MT technology enables minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    Packaging Waste Sorting Plant Applications

      Packaging Waste Sorting Plant E-Catalog

      MT Machinery E-Catalog

        Packaging Waste Sorting Plant Specifications

      • Manual horizontal baling press
      • CAMPAR Glass Bottle Crusher
      • Wireframe baskets under the chimney
      • Production in different capacities
      • Automatic horizontal baling press (Optional)
      • Chained parsing tape (Optional)
      • Package shredder (Optional)

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